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Monday, September 11, 2017

Antong Falls in Sison, Pangasinan

The last weekends of August extending to the first week of September is really such a ‘come on, back-to-back-to-back long weekend galore'. For a happy feet like me who’s really into some kind of adventure+travelling+hiking+discovering great nature encounter, this is just so GREAT!

This will be my very first write-up for this travel blog. I just want to share the adventures, inspire you to travel, and share you some tips at the least. Hope you find this blog helpful to you and your travel plans. Happy Gala!

It’s Sunday then and the following day, August 21 was a holiday for Ninoy Aquino Day. I really had no plans to go working for OT. Syempre hangover pa sa bakasyon at kakagaling din lang namin from Tondol White Sand Beach in my hometown Anda, Pangasinan (I will write a separate write-up on it sa susunod ), so need ng back-up plan for next gala, and I'm really planning for a solo backpacking roadtrip with my new travelling buddy – my car.

I first heard of these Antong Falls which is located here in Pangasinan from my friend and gala din tulad ko na si Princess. She’s been my best travel buddy for so many hikes and adventures already from mountains to caving to river chasing to travelling and eating. They actually invited me when they went to the place with our HS friend Karen. I was in Ilagan for work that time, so no choice but to pass and miss the fun (pero blessing in disguise pa rin nakapag-Callao Cave din ako hehehe, in another story as well). I reviewed their pics, texted them for some details and mukhang ok naman yung place. I was just a little bit hesitant to go since baka umulan or baka chocolate yung tubig dahil sa maulan na these past weeks. Still undecided until the following day. Pero search na din sa net ng location, how to get there, searched reviews about the place para mapaghandaan kung sakali na matuloy kinabukasan. I even already packed the following things which you may opt to consider bringing as well:

  1. Waterproof Camera (first on my list, syempre to capture those new profile pics. Mine is SJCam SJ6 Legend)
  2. Cellphone and waterproof bag. Tip na natutunan ko din from past na travels, you may use Zip-lock bags as alternative than buying the expensive cellphone bags, it's way too cheap)
  3. Extra clothes (You will regret not bringing those changing clothes after dipping into the inviting and very cool waters and enjoying the waters hitting you while under the falls, believe me. I'm just thankful I decided to bring some)
  4. Good hiking shoes. Majority of the stones are really not slippery specially those under running water but during trek from one falls to another sure you’ll appreciate those
  5. Trail Foods and Lunch. The place is a good picnic ground. Lunch is best served in the middle of the river with the beautiful Falls in the background. Don’t miss the trail foods to have those energy while trekking the steep trails from falls to falls. May nagtitinda po sa site, kung saan po kayo magbabayad ng entrance pero medyo tanghali na sila sa taas. We arrived at 10am at wala pa nagtitinda. Napansin ko lang po nung pababa na kami.
  6. Money. You will not want to go away without giving tip to your tour guide. Minimum now is Php100 (sabi sa barangay hall), additional if magpapaantay kayo sa guide, no fixed price, it's driven more by conscience hehehe)
  7. Water. Of course your must-have to keep you hydrated. 500mL for me is already ok. If your stomach is not sensitive, you can drink the water on the falls, but on the highest falls at least hehehe. Another tip: If you want some ice cold water while on trek, buy bottled water in advance of your hike and put it in the fridge and let it ice. On your trip, wrap it in your bimpos, and clothes and voila! That very refreshing, so cool cold water on your lips, quenching your thirst.
  8. Insect repellant. May parts po ng trail na malamok. Best to be safe from those dengue and malaria carrying vampies.
5 am at ginising na ako ng cellphone alarm ko, still undecided if go or no go. It's about 6 am already when I decided on the 'Bahala na' instinct, and No Guts No Glory principle. So luto na ng breakfast and packed lunch, prepare myself, check the car and made the final wrap-up. It’s already 8am when I departed home.

Antong Falls is located at Barangay Inmalog, Sison, Pangasinan. Para po di kayo maligaw tulad ko (blame it to my iPhone Maps and Waze, di kilala yung lugar hehehe kaya kung saang lupalop ako unang dinala), best to ask the folks, they are more than willing to guide you. This I learned: the place is easy to be located as it is en route to Northern Cement Corporation, the largest Cement Factory in Pangasinan and in the North. The road I took is actually called the NCC road. The place going to the barangay hall which is the Jump-off point is a left turn just before you reach the NCC Plant. So kung nakarating na po kayo sa planta, lumagpas na po kayo. The barangay hall is around 2-3 kilometers from the main road. Just follow the cemented road until you enter a gymnasium, and that’s your destination. If you bring your car tulad ko, you can park on the descending road not far from the barangay hall, no worries no parking fees (yet).

It took me 1 hour before I reached the place, 45 mins if not due to heavy traffic passing the Manaoag Shrine, at kung di ako naligaw. If you are commuting via bus bound for Baguio or La Union, NCC Road is located near the Bus Stop in Sison. If your bus will not stop over, ask the conductor to drop you off the NCC Road. You may hire trike to drive you to the Barangay Hall.

First register at the barangay hall the names on your group. They will then ask you if you want a guide. If you're a first timer, you should get one. You don’t want to miss going on the top most falls since some of the trails are not yet clear to be followed. You will not regret it as the place is really an awe, awesome.

The falls location is not that hard to reach. It's just a minor trek passing lots of rice fields, forests and rice fields again. You will then pass through a hanging bridge where you can have your photo ops. Trekking is about 30-45 minutes based on your group pace.

You will then be greeted by the tail of the falls just before it joins the river. It's already an awe but it's just a teaser on what the other falls offer as you trek along. 5 minutes more trek and you will arrive on the entrance where you have to pay P10 pesos (or P20 po ata heheh) per head entrance fee. There’s a picnic site, grilling area and gazeeboos as well. I think not unless it is occupied, you can use these facilities. Well if it isn’t available, there’s no problem as the riverside itself is a wide picnic ground. There are bathrooms as well in case you need one for nature call and rinsing after a good swim. Taking a bath in the barangay hall area is not suggested as water is not available there always. So clean up there before leaving (lesson learned).

Antong falls is a series of falls. I lost counting the falls offered to me, I think it's more than 5 falls all in all and the water is clean even after rains. Water is so cool and inviting you don't want to miss swimming and be hit by the falling waters on your body, just so relaxing. Makakalimutan mo hinanakit ng puso mo hehehe. You need to trek and climb the rocky and steepy trail going from one falls to the other. But believe me, you wont regret taking that extra climb, its just so worth it. 

Check out some of the photos I have taken during this hike:

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That's it for now! If you have any suggestions and recommendations of places to travel / explore, please comment below.

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